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Thread: Tighty Whities/Briefs

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    I realized just a couple of days ago that my fetish for white briefs is similar to how a lot of us have went back to diapers and became ABs or DLs. Because I wanted my childlike spirit again, I felt my joy was gone since being in so much drama in junior high school at the time. So I was wondering if any guys on here had regressive feelings toward tighty whities like I have? If I'm not explaining so well, my apologies.

    Also, please don't reply here if you don't wear underwear or have anything relevant to my question. I'm looking for those to relate to, not negativity...please.
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    I cant remember the last time I bought underwear, sorry

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    It's been years since I owned or wore any. Don't miss them.

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    I still actually have a few pairs of tighty whities that I don't wear. I usually just wear boxers. I don't get that fetish feeling for tighty whities but I do get a small regressive feeling when I do wear them

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    Okay....I wear them. I grew up with them and still enjoy them, though I would rather be in diapers. Along with diapers, I keep a couple of old tighty whities to wet in, just like I did when I was 14, etc. It recreates those old and wonderful feelings.

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    I much prefer the character briefs with red or blue waistbands and trim over white briefs. The ones with scooby doo or the avengers are more in the age range that I regress to of about 6-8. Diapers are great and all, but pull ups and briefs are much more my interest. I did go through a phase when briefs of any kind were really interesting and I bought a bunch of pairs of white briefs and colored/stripped fashon briefs. Lately I don't seem as interested in them, but I would love to get my hands on the exact same briefs I wore as a kid which had a yellow and blue stripe.

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    Exactly, I''ve been looking at Star Wars, Marvel Heroes, and other superhero underwear in sizes 6 or 8. They have been very appealing, and the diapers I've been looking at are the Goodnites and Tugaboos at Rite Aid. It's just where I seem to regress at, and I like it. Glad to hear from someone who I can relate to.

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    Before I became IC I tended to prefer briefs rather than boxers, but never white ones. All it takes is one coloured sock in the laundry and they're not white any more.

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    I do not relate to the regressing part since I am not into that, just a bedwetter here. But when I see white briefs I think of elementary school and how those were the underwearz my mom would get me. Usually Hanes, Fruit the Loom or JCPenny boys briefs. I always had extra pairs cause of my bedwetting that was going on just about every night back then. And some day accidents I was having too.

    I hated them because of all the bedwetting and some pants wetting lets just say my white briefs were not as sharp white as the other boys underwearz was. I was afraid they'd notice and figure out I was a bedwetter too. They of course knew I have accidents in my clothes since some happend at school.

    In middle school moms let me get boxers and I've loved them ever since though I do wear boxerbriefs now too.

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    It's funny you bring this up, SilverSurfer, as I was just about to start a thread about the exact same thing. As a child, I switched from briefs to boxers when I was 11. Being at a boarding school we all saw each other naked/in underwear regularly and I was aware that fewer of my friends were wearing briefs, and someone did once make some derogatory comment regarding y-fronts pointedly in my direction, so over the summer I started wearing boxers, the only reason for the change being peer pressure. Ironically, the next year at school more people wore briefs than had done the year before, and I really wanted to move back. However I felt too embarassed to wear them even tho others did.

    Throughout my teens, I always wanted to wear briefs again, but for some reason never quite plucked up the courage to do so. I think the reason for thus is that because they are they style of underwear young kids tend to wear it appealed to my AB/DL side, which I felt was something to be kept completely secret, so I was not prepared for anyone to see me in briefs. I was even embarrassed to put them in the wash at home becuase my parents would see them if I did. I did have some that I wore occasionaly, usually under boxers in bed. I could only get hold of these by rummaging through lost property in the boarding house every time I put them in the wash as they obviously didn't have my name marked in them. When I left school at 18 I did actually take "my" briefs with me, so I would have some to wear when at university.

    So to answer the question, yes I have always had feelings towards briefs (although they don't have to be white for me; is the term tighty whitey just an American thing?) and I think these feelings are rehressive. I like the tight fit they have, unlike loose boxers, and I do get a feelings of comfort and security from them, much like I do from diapers although they give me a somehow different sense of security. My only possible explanations for this is 1) they appeal to my DL side due to very early days of putting toilet paper in them to simulate diapers etc., which I have talked about in a previous post; or 2) my AB side secretly and unknowingly at the time when I changed to boxers liked being slightly more babyish than my friends, so didn't really want to stop wearing them.

    The reason I say I was just about to bring this topic up is that, after a few months of sometimes wearing briefs in bed, I decided 5 days ago to throw away my random collection of old briefs and any boxers that weren't in mint condition (which left me with 3 pairs) and I bought myself some brand new pairs of briefs, which I have been wearing since. I feel incredibly liberated; I still find them slightly embarassing for some reason, but this in turn gives me a small amount of excitement, almost as though I am able to constantly act out a tiny part of my AB side by wearing what I cannot help but think of as babyish clothing.

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