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Thread: Make me a logo! Winner gets a cookie made of recylced RAM!

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    Default Make me a logo! Winner gets a cookie made of recylced RAM!

    Well, here goes. I have been successful in making a server from scratch. Works fine and dandy, and I've come across the name "cloverfield". I liked the movie, yes, but something else fits there. I like the fact that it sounds very... code named. I also like that it also fits the same circumstances as the movie, like "no one knew where it came from" because I just absorb spare parts like a sponge.

    So this is what I ask of someone with good graphics skills. I need a logo for my server. One that somewhat implies the movie into the design, and makes it somewhat geekish.

    Anyone care to take a stab at it?

    Oh, and thanks to my sincere friend who is also my co-runner of my site (thanks, Danny ),, he designed me this for my SSH login text:

    (stand back if you can't see it)

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    Its a mushroom could right, right!!? Its a mushroom could right!!!? Is it a Mushroom Cloud!!?

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    wow... it really did look like a mushroom cloud to me. <_>

    Also I am horrible at any form of art so I can't make you a logo unless your okay with stick figures and less then average spelling.

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    Who's Phantom Lord?

    Oh I see. That Aqua-Soft is a pretty nice website, I must say. Very cool.

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    I'm not promising I'll try (see, I'm far to lazy to make commitments like that), but what kind of logo did you have in mind? Speaking in terms like dimensions, the colors/designs it should go with and what it will be used for.

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    Why do other people always out think me when it comes to names. I've been thinking of a few names for ages.

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    Draft me some ideas, what are you looking for in this logo of yours?

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    Something that incorporates the actual text "Cloverfield" and maybe a fade-to-black sort of design with picture shown above?

    @Martin: Don't feel bad, all my other computer's names are so plain. PowerBook, Inspiron, xD.

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