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Thread: dos anyone suck their thumb when they dont have a paci

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    Default dos anyone suck their thumb when they dont have a paci

    heya dos anyone her suck there thumb without knowing about it. i keep wakeing up and finding i have been sucking my thumb. i was wondering if anyone here who dosent have a paci sucks ther thumb without knowing it. kind of like subconciously.



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    I have that too sometimes. If I'm watching TV, I'll get really into the show or movie and my thumb will find its way into my mouth and I'll realize I'm sucking on it when I go to grab some popcorn or my bottle or whatever. Usually I do have my paci, but when I don't, I'll need my thumb to make up for it. I often can't fall asleep without my thumb or paci.

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    No, I cannot suck my thumb it doesn't feel right, but if I don't have a paci, I just am not in little mode, so thumb would not change anything.

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    I suck my thumb all the time (in private), but have never gone to sleep or woken up sucking my thumb (that I can remember). Whenever I have a blanket near me (watching TV or in bed) I very often suck my thumb.

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    I don't ever really unintentionally do it.... I do tend to sleep with my hands near my mouth though! Thumb sucking is a comfortable feeling when I don't have a paci!

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    When I get to little I start feeling comfortable enough to do it. My wife will cuttle me, and she knows I am little because I start to suck my thumb. The thing that suprized me is that after about an hour of being little she will offer me a brest to suckel. (major note: we talked about this after wards and she said she was so relaxed cuttleing me and reading a book that when she finished the book and she felt that it was something that she wanted to do. SO BAby mitchy is right on the money in his vidio about understanding ABDL that COMMUNICATION IS KEY)

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    haha yeap its normally intentional but if i get stuck at someones house after some drinking or a house party ill subconsciously do it and it can be super embarrassing if they see but i usually try to just play it off as a strange dream.

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    I use my paci. at night a lot and some times I find my thomb in my mouth during the day and if some one sees me then I say that I am just chewig my thomb nail he he lol

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    Not me - Although I love my paci, thumb sucking feels, well, weird!

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