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Thread: Taking a look at diaper use in the professional environment.

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    Post Taking a look at diaper use in the professional environment.

    Can a diaper be used to benefit me in someway? Can my diapers be used to help me perform better in a professional environment? Is there any use for them other than sleeping and playing in? All questions that have been going through my head the past few months, questions I later answered by trial and error.

    Let me introduce you to myself, I am a professional traveling freelance photographer, I do a lot of work for sporting events, concerts, and I also do a lot of street photography. I too, am a huge diaper lover. I love the feeling of diapers; really there isnít a single thing I donít like about them. I use my diapers for what they are made for, while this bothers some it only relaxes me. I have no shame going #2 in my pants, but hey thatís just me. I also use the bathroom A LOT during the day. I probably pee about six times, and poo twice. Being a photographer, this has cost me many jobs, and missed shots, simply because I had to use the bathroom.

    I would have jobs that would require me to sit in one place for up to 8 hours at a time, with no break to use the bathroom. I have to be there to get that shot, and I donít plan on hiring an assistant. I have missed many touchdowns, goals; you name it, all because I was doing my business. When your client turns up to collect their photos and they ask, ďDo you have a pic of so and so getting a touch down,Ē and all you can say is, ďno, Iím sorry,Ē this can really get frustrating.

    So I thought, ďWell how bad could it be wearing a diaper on a shoot?Ē About a month or so ago I was packing up to Colorado, where I was to be shooting a snowboarding competition for this one company. I packed up the normal camera equipment and as I was stuffing my clothes bag shut, I grabbed four Molicare super plusí for the trip and stuffed them in(These are my favorite.)

    The next day I woke up in my hotel, went down for breakfast and the temperature at the top of the mountain was -15 degrees Fahrenheit. The competition was taking place on a run near the top, so I knew I would have to dress warm. So I strapped on a Molicare then my long johns and other snow gear and headed out to the shoot. I can honestly say from previous ski trips, I was already warmer wearing my diaper then I was just wearing normal boxers. The shoot was going great and 2 hours in, I had to pee. So, shooting pictures I starting peeing in my diaper, and boy was it a wonderful feeling, not only was I happy I didnít have to leave my post, but I now had this wonderful warm sensation while we were in this blistering cold.

    Another three hours went by and just before we were going to have our lunch break, I was trembling trying not to wet myself again, but I did, and boy was my diaper heavy. The walk to the lift that took me back down the lodge was awful. I had a diaper that was sure to be ready to explode and it weighed a ton. On the other hand, I stayed at my post for five hours straight, and I did not miss a shot. So we went back to the lodge, cleaned myself up, strapped on a fresh diaper and headed back out.

    This shoot really got me thinking. I was able to survive all day with just a few diapers, and I didnít miss a shot. So, naturally, my plan worked. I figured out how to use a diaper to benefit myself. But I thought, I only go on a skiing gig once a year, how else can I use this to help me?

    I still had a left over diaper and itís a long flight back to New York, so I said, why not? I had the window seat like usual and this time I wouldnít have to get up to go. Sat in my seat, about three hours into the flight I had to go, so I let it out. I wasnít aware that I had to go THAT bad. The stench was horrible, and my diaper was full now. So I had to get up and change out of it, and ride the rest of the flight home with no underwear. That sucked.

    So far I have proved two things, diapers fill up easy, and they help a ton on photo gigs. What if other people could adopt this idea? The idea that diapers could benefit us in some way. The possibilities are endless.

    No more public restrooms

    No more holding it on long car rides

    Gotta stay in that meeting at work for a really long time and donít want to be rude by leaving, problem solved!

    Construction workers, when you're over 9000 stories high and thereís no bathroom.

    Thereís really an endless amount of solutions that diapers can give us, but I realize most people donít want to walk around in public or at work in a stinky smelly diaper. Donít look at it that way though, if you have a job that requires you to be doing something for a long period of time without interruption, and you can get away with wearing a diaper to help benefit your performance, why not? Isnít standing out among the crowd important? The way I see it, you have to try your best at what you do, no matter what it is. If I can use something to benefit my performance and stand out, and no one has to know about that benefit besides me, whereís the issue? If it means messing myself to get that one money shot, then so be it.


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    good write up i have been thinking the last few months it would be nice whatever situation I was in if the need to go came up I could just let it go with out thinking or holding it until I reached a potty, after having this thought I really start thinking to much and the idea fizzles out due to what if type of thoughts so i always start back at step 1 haha

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    Default Re: Taking a look at diapers used in the professional environment.

    In another profession, a truck driver that I am, diapers are very useful. Stopping several times per day can increase your work day really badly. I have to stay hydrated so I don't get tired as fast. I've been using Bambino Belssimos. They can hold quite a few voids and I can continue down the road. I won't mess in them all the time, just once in a good while as the clean up is a pain. I have to refuel the truck and stop for food and drinks sometimes. It keeps me from being late on loads at times and have gotten me good comments.

    I've wanted to be a photographer as well, specifically sports and landscapes. I was never able to afford a decent camera though.

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    I was surprised reading your post. I have been diapered 24/7 for over ten years. I could not fly without being diapered or make it thru the day..I'd be living in the bathroom. Only got questioned once by TSA regarding my diaper. Explained my need and that was it. Have never had a changing problem, I use the public family bathrooms when available.
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    Although this is not a professional work related example, I thought you might be interested to know that a few years ago there was an artilce in Flyfishing magazine promoting the wearing of diapers for cold weather steelhead and salmon fishing in streams and rivers. I think the author might have had a mild case of urge incontinence because one of his main arguments for diapers while fishing was the distraction of holding it during the excitement of playing a large fish. Also, the heavy layers of clothing needed for this type of fishing make it real inconvenient to strip down to take a leak in the woods. Hey, it works for me!

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    Never thought of a fisherman, but it definitely makes sense. It seems for a truck driver, diapers are almost a requirement! At least I know for me they would be!

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    I have to wear nice clothes (slacks and dress shirt) at work so thick diapers are really not an option for me. As I have a mild case of urine incontinence, I can use a pullup if I need to during the day but I always make sure I know where the nearest bathroom is in case I need to change. I also make a note of places that have single occupancy bathrooms (Jack in the Box is one good example in my area) so I can change without someone hearing me in the bathroom. Having those adjustable pullups makes it easy to take the pullup off without having to take my pants off, just rip down the sides and I'm done

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrNy View Post
    Can a diaper be used to benefit me in someway? Can my diapers be used to help me perform better in a professional environment? Is there any use for them other than sleeping and playing in?
    I can relate to your situation, I'm into video production and technical services mainly for business conventions and corporate events and it happened me more than once to be in a situation where I could not use the restroom until what I was filming or doing was over, and I wished I was padded. So far I wore a couple of times when I had boring stuff to do, didn't have to move around a lot, and knew that being diapered wouldn't have been too much of a distraction or burden (such as managing the slides center of a convention or other minor technical stuff). Although I was feeling a bit self conscious about it - especially if wearing a suit - I can't deny the practicality of a diaper in those circumstances.

    I can also relate to the toilet usage frequency, and if you think you use it a lot, I'll just tell you that for me it's even more often than that. Being padded may be a hassle when going #2 and this is partly what keeps me from wearing more often at work, as stinking up a convention is not exactly an option. But diapers have refastenable tapes for a reason after all...

    Quote Originally Posted by MeTaLMaNN1983 View Post
    Stopping several times per day can increase your work day really badly.
    Idk about the regulations where you work, but here for safety reasons it's mandatory for professional drivers to stop every 2 hours for a break, and every truck has a chronotachograph on which everything is recorded and the driver gets fined if he doesn't do the stops he has to, so unless one had to go more frequently than every couple of hours, diapers wouldn't make that much of a difference. Then if one decides to wear for his own enjoyment, it's another story

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    Actually, I've had this thought many times. Once I build my collection of glass up, I'm going to consider making photography a job of mine. Just sucks, as all the nice glass out there costs an arm and a leg.

    Also - Messing on a gig - Probably a bad idea. Unless you're by yourself, even then, you have to smell/feel it.

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    Easier said than done. Honestly, diapers can be useful at times.
    There has been many times that me and my buds have been on an epic quest and me not having to leave to use the crapper.
    However, messing might be a bit far out there. Anyway, good on you.

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