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Thread: Just an Average Cupcake-loving, Evil Princess. . .

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    Smile Just an Average Cupcake-loving, Evil Princess. . .

    Hello, I am EvilPrincessFrostine (a bit of a mouthful, so I'll just keep saying it until it makes sense to me as well). My username comes from my life-long love of the game Candyland and my potentially demonic traits. (I'm not mean though, just a bit misunderstood.) I'm in my second to last year of my Bachelor's Studies and have been living around Eastern Europe (Germany, Austria, and Czech Republic) because I would like to work in translation and editing of Eastern European language texts to English and vice versa. (Or I may just end up teaching either German or English for a while.)

    It's a bit hard to pin down exactly when I became interested in diapers and age regression. It seems to be an urge I've had ever since I can remember. In fact, I've been told that I really didn't want to use the potty when I was being toilet trained. I guess the most striking memory of having an urge to wear a diaper came about when my brother was a year or so old. My mom was changing him one day and I was waiting for her to be done so she could help me with something and the pack of diapers caught my eye. They looked about big enough for me to wear (I was 4, by the way), so I took a couple without asking and mostly just played dress up in them when I was alone. (I never had any interest in using them though.)

    But my mom discovered what I was doing and took them away, because my difficulties with being potty trained were not so far away in the past and I guess she worried I would have a relapse. After getting in a lot of trouble, I felt really ashamed of myself and really tried to stop myself from wanting that. It was something bad that I couldn't have because my parents said no. But throughout the years, I was given disposable doll-sized diapers for my dolls by a neighbor who didn't know what I would use them for and I started wearing those around too.

    I wasn't a teen baby or a diaper lover though. During my teens, I really tried harder than ever to ignore those urges to regress. But one thing always stuck. I've always had a huge collection of stuffies and one in particular--my big TY beanie Bones--goes everywhere with me. (My father actually yelled at me when I was 17 for still sleeping with a stuffie.)

    On my first full year abroad, I started looking into the AB/DL community. I didn't try anything though. I was just looking and reading stories. Actually this past year, I finally confided into an older male friend in the local BDSM scene how I felt about it and he asked to be my Daddy and I wanted him to be. So now I am actively regressing to an almost 3-year-old once a month for a weekend or a week when I visit Daddy. It's not so much a sexual thing though, but just a comfort thing.

    I mentioned being involved in the BDSM scene. I'm a student full time but I also am a fetish model. I'm not trying to make a career out of it necessarily, but I enjoy doing it. I'm also pretty choosy about my projects. (I don't do ABDL modeling because that is too personal.) My interest in death and black metal led me to discover BDSM in my late teen years. Yeah, I'm a huge fan of those Panda bear look-alikes from Norway, Immortal and stuff like that. (But the country that really has the best black metal is probably Sweden.) I play guitar, but more as a panic attack repellent than in the hopes of starting a band.

    I also enjoy other kinds of art, particularly painting, creating collages, scrap booking, and graphic design. But my most ambitious projects are my fantasy series novels I am working on. I also attempt to write literary short fiction, but that's not going very well because I seem to live in an alternate reality. I'm working on a creative writing certificate and my professor for those classes seems to interpret my writing as too unrealistic and "heaped in delusions" to be of literary merit. (She also said that Tolkien wasn't legitimate literature. . . and I am a huge LOTR fan so you can guess how I feel about her after hearing those words come out of her mouth.)

    Anyway, I'm here to connect with people and also discover more about this side of me so that I don't confuse Daddy so much as I have been lately. I heard there are stories here, so I am eager to read those. I love writing workshop type environments and trading writing with other people. I am also excited about using the crap out of the emoticon. (I freaking love pizza!) Most of all though, I still struggle with acceptance of this side of me because of the other part of me that wants to go to metal shows and headbang and drink beer and jaegermeister all night. I want to show that side of me that this is okay, I guess.

    I know! I know! I wrote a novel. I'm sorry. But there's just a lot to who I am.

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    Great introduction, Hope you enjoy the site Ask me if you have any questions

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    Oh geez, I feel that I should write a small novel in reply to this thread, just to do it justice...

    That was a hell of an introduction, I can see that you're very eager to do some exploring, and have a lot of things to share with all of us. I'll look forward to your future posts, I imagine you will become one of our prominent members in little to no time if you keep this up

    Besides that though, your origin story is quite similar to mine, which is interesting (Well, to me at least, heh), and I would imagine we have a fair few shared interests (first and foremost is clearly a love of all things Tolkien *whistles innocently*), though I'll hold off the rest in a shameless attempt to spark your curiosity and lure you into talking more! Huzzah!

    welcome to the family, I hope you find whatever it is that you are looking for here.

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    @Cuddlzy: Thank you for the welcome.

    @Tonky: Yes, yes I do love all things Tolkien. I read a lot of modern fantasy now too. I am also working on a fantasy novel of my own at the moment. (I'm on year 3 of working on this novel.) Thank you for the welcome as well.

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