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    I bought the Onesie pattern on etsy. My intent (because everyone wants one, and no one has one, and I'm kinda a dick) was to totally disseminate it. However, the guy was so cool, I just can't screw him over. It was only 15 bucks, is 66 pages long, and my lovely wife says its top-notch. I have fabric in the garage, and will post pics when we have it done...might be a while.


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    66 pages long??!!!?? it might be easier (and cheaper) to take it to a kinkos or copy copy to have it printed up, line prints are much cheaper than trying to do big photos (I do engineering work, and regularly print on 24x36, at $2/sheet) most places like that have B&W laser printers that'll do 48 inches wide

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    I never thought about that...
    I suppose if I didn't, she'd have to tape them?

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    yeah, then you have to cut the pattern out,,, much easier to to do with one big sheet of paper (also easier to modify if you are familiar with pattern work) order it on engineers bond (blueprint paper) its alot more flexible and tougher than the heavy stuff they use for photos
    also note, if you are going to modify the patterns, pay close attention to the panels involving the crotch or armpits, the seam shapes vary drastically with size changes (and not easy to either let out or draw in, much more complicated than a hem line or pattern extension elsewhere)

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    Dang. You know your stuff! I take it you have experience?

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