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Thread: Cowarding Out From The Shop

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    Unhappy Cowarding Out From The Shop

    Arghh my heart is racing, Just went to the local shop for a look and some milk, They had nappies which fit me ( I'm only small waist ) And I co warded out, I have an order coming in but I missing just the comfort side Having Monophobia and Autophobia really sucks

    Have you guys ever been in the same situation if so how did you manage? I was shaking so bad

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    Oh boy, do I know that feeling all too well....and I sucks big time. It just ain't fair. Why the hell should we feel so damn paranoid about something we need for a little comfort. I guess your lucky you've got some nappies on their way....til then bro, hang in there

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    Hehe yeahh Just cant wait. Not kept my room tidy so now I have to go to bed haha. Truth- Can't wait to see if they arrive tommorow all new packaging and looks

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    I know the feeling and feel for you but I am pretty headstrong so always pushed through, if your new order doesn't turn up deep breathe and march back to the shop!

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    I went through the same feelings when I was a kid and even young adult, there was no Internet so buying diapers in a store was the only option. Sometimes I would walk in, scan the store for people I knew then go for the diapers. I got close and the fear struck so strongly that I would start trembling. On a couple of occasions I was so afraid that I wet my pants, I really did need the diapers. I never got sick but an upset tummy was not too uncommon.

    Over time I fought through it, eventually convincing myself that it was no big deal. I rarely buy in a store now but when I do, and I have a few times in the past 5 years, I find some of the old feelings coming again. This is not the case when I use one of my couple of favorite medical suppliers. They get it and assume the diapers are for someone I care for, so I am not too uncomfortable buying diapers from them.

    We have one place that is a major AB/DL aware diaper supplier that is not too far from where I live, well about an hour away. Before they moved I went a few times and they just let us go back to look for something interesting (they were setup more or less as a warehouse and not so much for retail sales). While I never talked to them much the office person mentioned a few things that really set me at ease. They were pretty sweet about the entire big baby thing and were pretty careful to keep it a non-threatening environment. I loved shopping there but they pretty much only have cloth diapers which I love, but have no way to deal with discretely enough.

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    I used to coward out of it but these days, I just ignore everyone as if anyone asks il just say buying for a relative.

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    The first time I did, but otherwise not really. Resist the temptation of using self checkouts (they get really awkward if anything goes wrong, which isn't rare), go in knowing what you want and just go for it and remember that the cashier just doesn't care.

    And failing that there are better diapers online anyway.

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    Yep, been there. In the past I would sometimes walk past a store a few times, just to make sure no one I knew was around. I grew up in a small town so the chances were high. I used to go to Wal-mart, grab em and go to the pharmacy checkout. My heart jumped a beat when I walked in once and saw they moved em to a spot right in front of the door, out in the open. Still soldiered on and made casual conversation with the clerk to ease my own nerves.

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    I know that feeling well, the first time I bought diapers ever, I was at a self checkout and one of my dollar bills did not work and I was paranoid that someone would see what I was buying, then this lady exchanged the dollar for a nice one and Oh my gosh, I almost freaked. But even now I don't like buying them at the checkout. But oh well, sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do.

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    Just wimped out, and I'm pretty experienced. It was at a thrift store in Lebanon, Oregon. They had many large Attends in a white bag. But next to them was/is a pack of white diapers, and on the plain, white bag, it says "Made inJapan". I was so excited that I may have found a "find" I simply left.
    Maybe when my wife is done with her work she'll come with me to bolster my courage. Or not...I think it would be stupid not to get 'em...right?

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