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    As some of you know I do a lot of test subject work to make money, and I am young so that helps. Starting mid-next week I will be participating in a huge one. Just wondering how many of you would do it? Involves wearing a diaper a lot, or some kind of waste system.

    Your usually wired up, suited up in some kind of special suit, sometimes breathing different gas mixes, etc... Curious to see and hear what everyone thinks on this.

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    That sounds interesting. Who's financing this study? A diaper company or med device company. I've heard of drug co's doing this a lot.

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    Neither it's human performance work towards keep people alive in cold water, and to help develop new suits and technologies for divers in cold water.

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    If it is medically supervised, that would be a plus (like sponsored by a hospital or drug company or something). Make sure you get approval from your doctor and find out exactly what is involved before you start and have the ability to drop out of the test if something goes seriously wrong. Sounds like you might be undergoing some uncomfortable moments (cold temperatures, underwater, etc)

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    I already have the approval, and it is supervised by medical personnel. Spending lot time in a drysuit, with a diaper, and some other time no suit at all.

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    That sounds interesting and fun. I would do something like that (if I wasn;t otherwise working, and had enough time).

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