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Thread: Amazing first experience with adult diapers

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    Default Amazing first experience with adult diapers

    I've had an interest in diapers as long as I can remember, but only recently did I become aware that there were entire online communities for this lifestyle and suppliers that catered specifically to ABDLs.

    Eager to experiment, I ordered my first adult diapers from Bambino last week, having heard positive reviews about them. I decided to sample their entire product line, and ordered a medium sample pack of the following:

    Tena Slip Maxi
    Molicare Super Plus
    X-Plus Briefs
    and a sample pack of 5 Total Dry Boost Ups, for good measure.

    Here are my first thoughts and impressions of my experience. (Warning, I am long-winded; apologize in advance for my novel)

    When I first opened my box I was amazed how large the diapers were, having never really held adult diapers in my hands. They were wide, too, especially the massive Bellissimos.

    I immediately slipped on a purple Molicare Super Plus. I might have messed up the tapes a bit because my hands were trembling with excitement, so the fit was not as snug as i would have liked, especially around the non-elastic waistband. (the slightly-loose fit would actually serve to my benefit later when the diaper swelled up and made the tapes strain)

    I reveled for a moment in the softness and gentle rustle of the Molicare. The fit was perfect except around the waist where there was some slack. I had forgotten to use baby powder so I poured some in the front and back. (again lucky that the fit wasn't too tight)

    I had been drinking a lot of tea and water, but felt kind of afraid to pee because the Molicare was so soft it felt like I was wearing nothing. Having never used an adult diaper, I wasn't quite sure how much one could let loose without it leaking.

    For added assurance, I pulled a Tena Slip Maxi out of the sample pack of two. A bit thinner than the Molicare all folded up, the Tena also fit slightly higher around the waist. The material also seemed to be different; it was more like a windbreaker and not quite is soft as the Molicare. However, I did like the purple-ish gradient design with the yellow wetness stripe, and the wing-shaped bum padding.

    I tried to wet but had trouble initially. Maybe it was a lack of trust for something I was using for the first time. I tried chugging more water, but my bladder was already uncomfortably full and I still couldn't manage to release.

    I eventually got over the mental block by standing up, closing my eyes, and pretending I was standing over a toilet. I discovered that gentle pokes to the upper pubic area helped increase the urge to go. The first wetting was a very timid trickle, but upon feeling the glorious warmth spread around my legs, I relaxed and my bladder became less shy.

    I could feel the front of my inner diaper bulging some, but the back was still dry, so I laid down on my back for a bit to try to wick some of the moisture to the bum area. I got comfortable and wet heavily several times, but to my amazement, nothing leaked, even though it felt like it might when I was lying down. In retrospect, wetting while lying on my back was the most satisfying method of wetting. (Maybe it felt like I had the least control, since I never pee lying down, or it stoked my infantilist fetish because babies always lie down?)

    Anyway, after a short while, my inner diaper (the Molicare) began to feel saturated and squishy, especially when I sat down in a chair. (Although the feeling of being encased in warm jello was hard to beat) My Tena Slip Maxi was damp around the leak guards, so I guess the Molicare had leaked some at the sides. The rest of the Tena was completely dry, while the Molicare felt ready to burst. I took a letter opener and poked a few slits in Molicare so the moisture would wick through to the Tena. (probably a dumb thing to do whilst wearing the diaper in hindsight :P )

    A half hour and many wettings later (I kept drinking water), the Tena was beginning to fill up; about half of the yellow wetness stripe had disappeared thanks to the slits I had poked in my inner diaper. However, the leg gathers on the Tena were beginning to either leak or sweat. I solved this by pulling out a new Bellissimo from the pack and taping it on. I figured the gigantic amount of width between the legs would catch any of the run-over. Indeed, once fully taped on I could not really close my legs due to the cushion between them. I felt much safer about leaks now, and the dry and fluffy Bellissimo made a nice rustle. The only negative about the Bellissimo was that it didn't fit quite as high up the front as the Tena and Molicare.

    At this point I began to feel wetness around the inner waistband. Since it wasn't perfectly snug around me, I was afraid I might start to leak out the top. However, I devised a solution that worked most satisfactorily: Pulled out one of the Total Dry Boost Ups inserts (which was HUGE, seriously, the thing looked like a GIANT maxi pad or something) and stuck it horizontally inside the front waistband. This not only mopped up the moisture inside the waistband, but filled it out just right so the once-loose waist was now comfortably snug.

    This combination of Bellissimo/insert held for well over two hours as I wet endlessly, even trying upside-down (no leaks). As an extra precaution, I opened one Bambino Classico and one X-Plus Brief (which appear to be roughly the same diaper with different prints) and spread them out flat under me to serve as a mat to catch any extra leaks.

    By the end, the Bellissimo was sagging some, but still not swollen up all the way in the bum. Just for kicks, I took some warm water and poured it into the back of the Bellissimo until it was puffed up and soaked. This felt amazing and caused me to wet even more. The inner diapers had just about dissolved into mush and fluff at this point.

    All in all, this was one of the most IMMENSELY satisfying experiences I have ever had, and I am grateful for the change to have indulged in it and gotten my feet wet in the DL world. (no pun intended)

    Of the diapers I sampled I would say my favorites were the Molicare Super Plus and the Bellissimo. (I later single-sampled the Classicos and X-Plus Briefs) The Molicare handled odor like a champ, not even the slightest whiff of urine after several hours of use. The Bellissimo packed amazing padding and absorption. Probably going to order a case of those two kinds for future use.


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    Wow you sure don't do things by half! Congratulations on a good first time.

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    Enjoyment is one thing, but wouldnt you have wanted to test them all separately??
    I enjoy doing multiple layers of diapers, going from smallest i had to the biggest which at that time was Abena L4s.
    But I Enjoyed Bellisimos alone, they are super thick and super absorbent without extra inner diapers.
    Also one thing for sure, I would NEVER diaper over 24/7 , because that thing is a monster !
    I would only poke holes in Dry 24/7 if I was extremely lazy, but man, that thing is PURE COMFORT! to me ;P

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    Bambino really does have some great diapers. Interesting that you chose to try them one at a time, layered over one another. While this can be great fun there is nothing like experiencing each if the diapers on there own, although using a stuffer can enhance that experience. Talking about stuffers, they have the best that I have every experienced, and the only ones that I like.

    You have just scratched the surface if this was your first experience. There are many other diapers out there and other things to experience. Enjoy that wonderful thrill of discovery.

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