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Thread: Hello all - it's Silly Baby Boy

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    Smile Hello all - it's Silly Baby Boy

    Hiya there. My name is Silly Baby... My Mommy just joined (Mommy Chele). The story of love between Mommy and me is very unique and should be a true story / movie. I'm so blessed to have re-connected with the only true love of my life. I have been a baby most of my life. I grew up in a very over-protective family - due to my illnesses and because I was a concert musician. I had to be put into diapers at around 7 or 8, due to medical reasons, although I never really grew up. I was adopted, and was always delayed - never matured really. I took up instruments - and then meet Mommy at a special place for music. We met - and I knew instantly... Mommy was really kindof protective of me - and cared for me even when I was 16. She knew even then. Things happened - we never ever broke up - but life happens. But - eventually 30 years later - she found me - and me with my AB - was so thrilled beyond belief... I will write a longer story if you are interested. But - now - again - after all these years - the ONLY one that I ever loved, and knew that would understand me - is now my Mommy. it's a real thing - not role play. I am not a role play baby - but a true AB. There is a difference. This isn't about just an erotic side, but a true need and desire to be Mommy's Silly Baby Boy.

    I have a computer company - web hosting company - and programming - networks - etc... But - I have always kept my baby side. I have tons of my little fuzzy animals - have pacifiers - the whole thing. I have thrown it all away many times - tried to deny it, but it IS who I am. I am so blessed to have Mommy for the rest of our life.

    Big Hugs,

    Silly Baby Boy...

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    Hi and welcome to our community.

    We have all kinds of people here. I'm glad you came to terms with yourself.

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