I know this forum topic is meant for newcommers to introduce themselves, but I thought it was appropriate to show my gratitude for welcoming me to the community and what it means to me. I could not think of another forum topic other than "Introductions" to post this but I wanted to say thanks to everyone.

It was forty years ago today I was born and one year ago my relationship to ADISC was born. I had discoverred just days before that I was not alone with diaper fetish. Within this year I had many events happen: some good, some really tough, some interesting, and I feel that you all have been there to carry me through. I can summarize them:

- Me and my wife nearly lost our apartment when a downstairs neighbor tried to commit suicide by flooding hers with gas.

- My wife became pregnant with what would have been our first child, but we lost it within the first trimester.

- I Became good friends with two members: Dogboy, and PurpleDinosour. One is a really good mentor and the other is the kind of person that reminds me of myself when I was his age.

- I got my first cloth diaper, binky, and onesie.

- By the Grace of God our financial situation really improved after being in our eyeballs in debt for 6 years.

- I lost a dear step grandmother to lung cancer

- I and my wife converted to Mormonism

- I witnessed, along with everyone else, all the teenagers' accounts get abruptly closed as a draconian but necessary thing to keep this site alive.

- I finished my first AB story, after carrying the ideas in my head as a fantasy for decades.

- Turned 40 (just today. Now my wife can trade me in for two twenties, lol)

You all were with me. You all supported me. You all prayed for me. And for this I thank you. After reflecting on everything, I am blessed this past year by this community.

If I may ask a favor for you, please go through this Introductions forum topic and greet the newcomers who have had no one respond to their posts as of yet, and let them know as I have been let known, that in this community, everyone is their friend. I try to greet everyone new when I can, but no one person can greet everone. As of this post there are I think a dozen who have had no one respond to them as of yet, and some are more than a day or two old.

Looking forward to many more years. Don't worry, I wont start an Intro thread in this forum topic each year (lol). One time when I first was on, and another time a year later is enough.

Thank you and God Bless,