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Thread: hello, new to adisc!

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    Default hello, new to adisc!

    Hi, my name is Jeff. I'm a senior in high school and wear diapers for fun. I'm not into roleplaying or anything like that; I just like to wear and sometimes use them. I did wet the bed until I was 13. Read my profile.


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    Hey Jeff! I'm the same way, I wear diapers of course, but I'm not into the AB stuff. There's all sorts of people here, so welcome, and I'll see ya around!


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    Hey Jeff.
    I'm in the same position. I'm not an AB or TB, just a DL.
    I didn't wet the bed as long as you did, but who cares, it's not like we look down on each other here.
    Please, enjoy your stay.

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    its great that there are this many people into diapers like we are.. Without the internet, I would probably think i was

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    Yeah there are quite a bit of us here.
    Welcome to adisc.

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