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Thread: Tena for Men Level 4 Protective Underwear in the UK

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    Default Tena for Men Level 4 Protective Underwear in the UK

    Okay guys, just wondering if anyone's tried the Tena for Men Level 4 that are available at Boots or CHemistDirect? I believe they've been available in Europe and maybe the US for a while but this is the first time I've seen them here. Check out the links:

    TENA Men Protective Underwear Level 4 - TENA

    TENA Men Protective Underwear x10 One Size ML - Boots

    Tena Men Protective Underwear Level 4 - 7.29 - Men - Tena - Chemist Direct

    They seem to essentially be an adult version of Dryintes and Underjams, claiming to be "specifically designed for the male anatomy" and "looks just like real underwear".

    Be good to know what people think. I'm gonna order a pack and give em' a try

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    Thanks Honeywell6180,

    I did buy a pack just out of curiosity more than anything and I couldn't agree more with you. Totally terrible, a real disappointment; uncomfortable and just do not work.

    Strongly advise anyone against these.

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