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Thread: How do you know when you are about to leak?

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    Default How do you know when you are about to leak?

    I am wearing dry 24/7s out in public and I still don't know how to gauge when they are so full they will leak. They are kind of expensive so I don't want to change too early, I don't care If I am discovered, but it seems kind of unsanitary to leak urine all over the place...

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    I wear my Dry24/7's for overnight use. I would say I'm in them for aproxamately 10 to 11 hours. I've never had a outright leak. I've had a lttle seepage though. I've never used mine during
    the day as I don't like all that extra bulk between my legs as I do a lot of walking. It will also depend on how often and how much you pee.

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    Pretty much its trial and error since everyone uses them a different rates or in some cases you might not have it taped just right so its not snug and will leak.

    i pretty much go by if it starts to sag its time to change or if it starts to feel to clumpy when you walk.

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    Ok -- I am going to do my best not to be graphic or gross, but here goes.

    In my experience, the 'feel' of a wet diaper from the outside tells a lot; particularly 20-30min after voiding. Thus, I think a good way to detect is to find some privacy (bathroom stall, etc.) and put your hand on your wet diaper and notice it's texture... With Dry 24/7's in particular, if its wet but still feels 'firm', it has plenty of capacity left. If it is really soft and more 'gel' like, it is much closer to leaking. In fact, the closer it gets to feeling like you have liquid/applesauce/etc in there, the closer you are to leaking). In addition, if the wetness has spread out throughout the diaper (to the top/sides in the front and especially in the back [for males]), it is pretty close to leaking in my experience. If you can't get to a private place, some amount of discreet feeling through clothing can give an idea but not as much.

    In addition, I find that I am more likely to leak in them if I have them applied too tightly in general. My best luck w/ these diapers is to fold the piece that goes between your legs into a kind of trough...and don't pull that part up really snugly...let it hang kind of like it does once its really wet. This, in my experience, enables far more "usage" before it starts to leak. On the times when I get them too tight from the get-go, I've actually leaked with the first 'flooding' out the sides. This method helps to spread out the liquid throughout and not overwhelm one area all at once.

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    If you use the same diaper all the time you will get used to it and know when it will be full

    On a general note, as male, when its wet "behind", its time to change, or if home, wait to it leaks ^^

    Can also touch it, if it feels mushy its time to change

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    I know it's gonna blow (reference implied) when it start's saggin' more than the jeans of your average swaggot.

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    I'm usually changing mine shortly after I start to feel a bit seep out of the leg gathers (never flooded 24/7s, I cant really) or, occasionally a bit out of the top front of the diaper (more pronounced when sitting)

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    I don't leak

    Hypothetically however, I find the best way to check is to see if the front of the diaper feels more like gel or if it feels like it's still made of fluff. If it still feels fluffy it's probably good for now. If it feels like gel then it's time to change.

    There can be other warning signs too. If the diaper suffers from press-out when you sit down, if any of the non-absorbant internal surface feels damp and if your caretaker is looking amused and putting waterproof sheets on the floor... these are all signs that you might want to consider changing!

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    It's that little tingle that you feel when it just starts to drip down your leg - and the "OH MY GAWD" feeling of - NOT HERE. Please not here.. I wear plastic pants when going out - if I can. I know with really good diapers, I actually try to wear them as long as I can at home - before putting them to the test in public. I know with cheaper brands, I need to change them when I start to feel the weight of them. I can not control my bladder due to medical issues, so I have had to learn what works best - which diaper is better.

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    to continue, I notice when it starts to seep a bit, one reason i've avoided low capacity diapers is the very tiny amount of time between when I first notice a seep to complete failure (like none), at least i've avoided the low capacity diapers for years until more recently. Now, unfortunately, I'm finding frequent occasions where the cheapie diapers are actually cheaper to use, and may simply have to get used to changing more frequently

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