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Thread: My brother let me off easy...thank God!

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    Default My brother let me off easy...thank God!

    Over Christmas I visited my father, and on Friday the 28th of December 2012, we went to go visit my sister and her children (5 years, 4 years, and 15 months of age), who were being visited by my brother. Every member of my immediate family now knows about my paci for I pulled it out during the visit and put it in my mouth. I did however cover it up with one hand. When my brother noticed, this conversation ensued:

    Brother: Why are you covering your mouth?
    Me: *removes paci from mouth, holds it out to brother*
    Brother: Were you just sucking on a pacifier?
    Me: Yeah.
    Brother: Is it yours?
    Me: Yes, it's mine. (Added, in my head: I'm not stealing from the little one, sheesh!)
    Brother: ...Well, does it help?
    Me: Yeah.
    Brother: Well, if it helps then I guess it's fine...

    I was not questioned any further. My brother must have taken the shock of seeing the paci and brushed it off as a possible anxiety issue (since pacis are meant as stress relief). Thank goodness!

    Then during the evening meal the little guy started crying, and my sister asked one of the older ones to bring down one of his (the little guy)'s pacifiers and I joked, "I'd give him mine but it's too big." My sister then said to me: "We don't share things that have been in our mouths!" My brother-in-law had left for work around four o'clock, and my dad took me back to his house around 7:00 so he missed the pacifier revelation thing...

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    Quite a scene. I just don't understand where you'd get the bold confidence to pull out your pacifier in this situation... My parents know, but I always have my pacifier within the privacy of my bedroom

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    That's pretty bold, but I don't understand why you did it? Was there something for you to gain?

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    If you didn't expect him to react well, why would you randomly take out a pacifier in front of everyone? I'm pretty sure even families that are accepting of this fetish would be kind of miffed by something like that.

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    He doesn't actually know about the AB thing - see the "I wasn't questioned any further" quote above. For now I'm letting him believe the pacifier is the only thing involved and it's probably an anxiety issue, as this seems to be what he is thinking. Aside from mentioning that my paci has a NUK 4 nipple and "standard adult size is NUK 5," there was no mention or discussion about being AB. He doesn't need to know that yet. After all he's a sibling, not a parent, and this DID come up during a family gathering...

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    But the thing I'm not getting here is, if he didn't know about your use of pacis/abdlism prior to this event, why did you choose this way to show him? Also, why did you show him in the first place? If he didn't know about it and it hasn't put a dent in your personal relationship with him, then why tell him in such a forward way?


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    Possibly because I only ever talk to him at family gatherings. I have him on Facebook but we never talk, and he lives a loooong way away, so...And he was the only adult there that I had not already told, so I knew I wasn't going to shock anyone else. I prefer to tell one person at a time...

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    Why did you cover your mouth if you wanted to tell him? Could of just told him I guess?

    But I am wondering what Ronbeast asked, "What is the gain with telling people?" I mean why not tell them more about the AB thing if you like talking about yourself?

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    When you're on the autism spectrum, it is veeeeeery difficult to keep secrets, good or bad. Although I wouldn't tell the whole world, the difficulty of secret keeping means I MUST tell family, and sometimes very close friends...

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    an odd way to tell the family... & they probably dont even know the whole dirty truth to it (diapers & other things)... if it works for u, it works for u tho...

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