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Thread: Certainly not new to the ABDL community, just this site!

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    Talking Certainly not new to the ABDL community, just this site!

    Hellos! I've been expanding my horizons joining some other sites, and this was next! Always fun to be able to just talk about diapers to a bunch of people and it's like actually a cool thing! I've pretty much had to hide it everywhere I've lived (well, I can be a little bold with my college roomies 'cuz they don't care too much if I'm being courteous about it).

    How might I enjoy and contribute to the excitement here?? I mean, I wanna model someday, but that's not like happening tomorrow. No, my life is mostly studying maths and such, but I'm working on getting away form it all time to time (and not just by enjoying diapered time either, although I could seriously use more of that too!!!)

    Anyways, just a little kitten!


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