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Thread: Plastic Pants - elastic location? How do you do it? Roll or no roll?

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    Default Plastic Pants - elastic location? How do you do it? Roll or no roll?

    I was not sure how to even search for this though I think someone has probably posted this a long time ago. Do you wear your waist elastic on your plastic underpants just over your diaper or training underwear? Or do you tuck it in downward so it curves over the top of the absorbant brief and sort of rolls over the top edge of your absorbant brief? I honestly do not think there is a right or wrong but maybe some folks have better luck than others for leaks. I myself do not tuck it in but leave it just over my training underwear so it it can move up and down more easily on my waist when I move.

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    I wear the waistband of my plastic pants above the top of my diaper. I never have a leak problem out the top. I never point up only down.

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