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    Just thought I'd pass this along... I was out killing time today in a very cold Ohio city and I wandered into Target and Kohl's while I was out. Both had great clothing clearance sales going on. If I had to guess I'd say it might be a time if year thing that is going on else where. Both had racks of clearance clothing for great prices. I got a very cute sheer button down blouse at Target for about $4 and a pleated skirt at Kohl's for $3.30. I could have gotten a lot more very easily.

    Just thought people might like to know since cost seems to be a fairly common theme/limitation in a lot of posts.

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    If i hadn't cut up all my Credit cards yesterday I'd so be hitting those sales

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    Kohls/target ross are good got a nice black cocktail dress from Ross not to long ago for under $10.

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    Ooooh neat, thanks for the tip, I may have to drop by a Target's sometime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by asayuu View Post
    Kohls/target ross are good got a nice black cocktail dress from Ross not to long ago for under $10.
    I agree, Ross is one of my favorites. Usually lots of nice choices at good prices. Usually better than their TJ Maxx and Marshalls competition.

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    I totally agree bout Ross! I've gotten a lot of great skirts camis and dresses there for crazy cheap.

    My main reason for LOVING Ross is for their panty selection! I've over filled my top dresser drawer with various styles of panties and boy shorts almost exclusively from Ross.

    I'm def gonna have to check out target and Kohls... Thanks for the tip!!

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