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Thread: Your dream diaper

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    Default Your dream diaper

    Imagine the best diaper possible - perfect in every way. It looks, feels, and works just the way you want it to. What would that diaper be? It doesn't have to actually exist - in fact, this could be more fun if it doesn't!

    I would love a diaper with designs similar to those on Pull-ups. It'd be an actual adult diaper, though, made of crinkly plastic, with thick padding (at least a couple inches thick). The padding would have to be quilted and really soft, so the diaper would be extra comfortable. It would have four refastenable tapes, and very frilly leg gathers. As I mentioned, it'd be pink and decorated with princesses (or their reasonable equivalent). I'd decorate the bum side with little flowers or hearts, and use fading flowers or hearts for a wetness indicator (again, like the Pull-ups). Of course, it'd have to hold several wettings, and swell up lots when wet. Finally, and maybe this is just me, I'd like it to really crinkle when I walked. That's one of the best parts of diapers for me.

    What about you? What's your dream diaper?

    (wow...I guess I really let my sissy side show here...)

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    hmmm...a dream diaper, interesting question, I think my dream diaper would be a regular white diaper that's a good few inches thick and is designed to be worn for a long time while being able to prevent rashes and such, heavily absorbent and leak-proof to boot. I guess that's not the most imaginative thing out there but that's what I'd like to have ^^

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    My dream diaper is a vintage 1999 pampers that fits. Ideally it'd have the same relative absorbency - meaning it'd hold an absolute ton for an adult. The pampers I have from back then can hold two good sized adult settings. The adult version of those pampers would hold at least 5.

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    Pink and girly XD but I guess I have to settle for ABU's sissy diapers for now XD

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    I suppose I would prefer it to be almost identical to the Mickey Mouse Huggies currently available on the market. I wouldn't even desire additional thickness or other add-ons. Just a size'd up replica would make me ecstatic.

    However, I would also enjoy a pull-on type diaper that looks like the early line of Pull-Ups. Those were very adorable, as well. This goes for both the really early generic prints, as well as the Mickey/Minnie prints that came thereafter.

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    As absorbent as Abena M4 but as thin and discreet as Depends, with tapes that can be unfastened and re-fastened as often as you like and they never lose their stickiness.

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    My ideal diaper would be as thick as an abri-form xplus; would be able to swell up like a tena slip maxi and would be decorated all over in pink like a girl's huggies pullup. I wouldn't mind how many tapes it had, as long as the fit was snug and free from leaks; in particular, it would have plenty of absorbance all around, so that it doesn't leak at the sides.

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    PINK AND FRILLY.... yaaaaa. lol for my perfect diaper for private use, I would want it to be solid pink with white fillies around the top and leg holes and i would prefer a really thick diaper that swells up alot and staying with this fantasy i would want it to feel really fluffy and soft on the inside. As for tapes i would like two larger ones on each side. My dream diaper for daily use would simply be a thin diaper that wouldn't leak and would have minimal swelling but good absorbancy with a very soft inside lining.

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    I want a diaper that is so thick that even I can't crawl right, is pure white, and can absorb a lot

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