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    Default Your dreams.

    So I saw a topic on AB dreams so why not have a thread for us? Just about all my dreams are usually vague like one thing I notice is that I cannot really see myself or my physical gender. It is like I can see what I am doing but no real reference to my gender.

    There was one dream I had ( I actually had it twice as a recurring dream) where I was in high school like my normal life. The difference in the dream though is that I would go in the bathroom to transform into sailor moon. The dream did get across this message I was happier as a girl. That was a long time ago though before I even knew about transgender.

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    A long time ago, when I was about 11, I had a dream that I'll always remember. Basically, it was my real life, but I was a girl. I distinctly remember being female, having a conversation with another girl, and wearing a nightgown and panties. Waking up, I actually felt sad that it was over. I think that may have been the start of my interest in cross-dressing - it happened around the same time I started getting curious, though I can't say for sure that one led to the other.

    Interestingly, although my dream had some similarities to yours (being happy as a girl in regular life), I haven't gone on to have any desire to change my gender. I'm happy as a man, but sometimes I like to take on a female persona.

    I wonder if these dreams serve as "inspiration" to question our biological sex, or if they express desires that were always there. This dream and my interest in dressing up happened around the same time, but so did lots of other things (including puberty, which of course messes everything up). Did you have thoughts about being a woman before this dream? It may shed some light on this mystery.

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    That sailor moon dream was around late grade school or early high school so the answer is yes but not exactly in a clear yes kind of way.

    See ever since i was like 3 or more like my first memories I knew I was different. I did not know what this difference was I just knew I was. This was the reason I never stressed about being "normal" or "fit in"

    Then around 4 or early 5 years old ( sometime before kindergarten) I had this desire wanting to be in a tutu and dance but I also knew about social pressure (No idea how at that age) that for a boy to do that is bad so I just suppressed it.

    And that is how I pretty much lived after that point. I always had these thoughts about wanting to dress up as a girl but always knew it was bad to do. A lot of my dreams always had these vague images of my self. (Like unable to see my self or what gender I am)

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    I've never been one to dream.. course they say you don't dream when it's a drunken black out.... but in the past when I did dream they where full of fear with either me running from something or fighting against something and eventually losing against what ever I was fighting, but in the past year since I've started to explore, discuss and acknowledge who I am on the inside (and who I want to be on the outside) I've noticed my dreams are a lot more frequent and memorable, I can't "see" myself as a girl in every dream but rather I know i'm a girl, people n my dreams will refer to me as a girl, comment on my makeup or outfit, but a few times I've found myself in a bathroom either fixing my hair or touching up my makeup and in the mirror looking back is the girl I not only want to be but the girl I see when I close my eyes in the waking world and that has been the greatest feeling ever I've woken up with a huge smile and a feeling of pure happiness

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    When i was a kid, I would always be a boy in my dreams and as I got older my dream-self was always a man. I mentioned this to my gender-therapist and he said it's very common for transgendered people to have dreams like this.

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    When I dream the problem is that it is hyper realistic so I do not always know if I am in a dream or awake esp. when a blend-able scenario takes place like a dream of some tragic event happening to a friend or family within the sleeping time period, overnight etc. I awake terrified and sadden from these in surreal sense of acceptance of the course events the has taken place in the dream. Then I find that is not as things seem and the person is unharmed and safe and while I am elated that they are okay, it leaves in a state of confusion and euphoria questioning as to if I am dreaming again or awake. It is very much a similar experience to the movie the 13th floor or inception. This is great for girly or baby dreams when they happen, but most often mine tend to be of a tragic or apocalyptic nature for some reason leaving to awake in a state of panic with fits of terror. I probably need to talk to my physc to see what may be the source behind them as I am afraid the stress may cause me some dire physical ramifications. I don't dream a lot but when I do the good are welcome as my dreams are so real, but they are very rare and with terror and tragedy being more of a recurring theme I would rather not dream at all which is often the case anyway. Any clues to as why these terrors occur would be nice.

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    I have only had a few dreams in childhood and adolescence (none since then) where I actually had a P-word, but otherwise I'm only as androgynously "male" as I am in real life. The earliest dream of this sort occured around age 5 where I awoke before peeing standing-up at a toilet. Then at age 15, my big toe "morphed" into a you-know-what as I feel asleep in the tub. But for the most part, I don't see my body as the "lack" of a P-word, so much as I am troubled by the presence of my uterus and breasts. For this reason, I have had no such dreams in my adult life and will probably live-out the rest of it with the anatomy that I have (especially below the waist).

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    Quote Originally Posted by downtide View Post
    When i was a kid, I would always be a boy in my dreams and as I got older my dream-self was always a man. I mentioned this to my gender-therapist and he said it's very common for transgendered people to have dreams like this.
    I've had this too all my life; my therapist pretty much told me the same thing.

    Seems to be pretty universal, or at least for most of us...

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