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    So I've come to terms that I am a bedwetter thanks to stress from school and fraternity and other stuff.

    I have also realized that sometimes I wake up while paralyzed from REM sleep (thank you nortryptaline). Funny enough I don't often realize it and think I'm awake fully though still dreaming. Because of this odd lucid type dream I have wet the bed accidentally a few times (:P).

    This has also happened during class but not as often (once in the past year). I still fall asleep in late classes so I'm normally padded JIC.

    Because of this, I am re-thinking what I wear. I am looking at the abena abri-forms from xpmedical but have a question about the sizing. I wear a 46/48 depending on the cut, sometimes a 44. I am looking at the XLarge supers for during the day and the x-plus's during the night. However I notice that the large's supposedly fit people up to 59'.

    I know that it is reccomended that you go one size up with padding but i'm not sure. I am using dry 24/7's larges and they fit with room to spare.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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    I have a 44 inch waist and wear the large Abriform diapers. They will fit you fine.

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    I would order the Abena sample packs from XP Medical and try those. That way you can see what sizes work for you before ordering full packs and saving some money.

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    Bambino Biancos are pretty good as well. They are all plain white with no marks of any kind no wetness indicator as well. They are actually cheaper per piece than Abena. Abena has slowly been going down hill on quality lately. Their large should fit you fine as well. They are softer on the inside conpared to Abena as well. The tapes are refastenable as well and don't rip the plastic when removing. The double layered tapes don't work very well on the Abena.

    Abena used to be my favorite diaper but even the absorbency had diminished a bit. The cloth backed ones seem to sweat and the fit has to be adjusted a few times. Tapes have simply came undone a few times. You should choose a different diaper for night time use, especially if you don't lay motionless at night. Abena is no where near what they used to be unfortunately.

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    wow thanks for the replies I didnt even think of bambino's. What size would you reccomend for them?

    Also I have heard from a friend who got bambino's that you should move up a size, but again IDK. I want something that will keep me from leaking but also is thin enough to wear under normal clothes. That's why I was thinking about getting the Abena's.

    As for the xpmedical they worked with Abena and still sell the plastic backed ones. Yes I do move but I am a stomach sleeper (more than a few leaks with crappier diapers.) so I need something that can hold well. I am also looking into a onsie for night use to help keep things in place.

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    Hi Tokiwa. Just to let you know from what you describe you may have a condition known as sleep paralysis and probably the noratryptaline is contributing as it is a powerful antidepressant. Maybe you should talk to your doctor about what the drug is doing to you including your falling asleep in the daytime and find some alternative.

    As for diapers I use Tena Slip Large Maxi accompanies with plastic pants just in case of leakage.

    All the best


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    JustI think that the large should fit you just fine. But they sell combo sample packs so that you can try one large and one xlarge. All the Bambino diapers are at least as absorbent as Abena except the belssimos because they are thicker and absorb more. I think that Bambinos are better made. Stomach sleeping will generally increase your chances of a leak. The XLarge fits me fine and I have a 44in waist. The rise will be higher to help with the stomach sleeping. Also XPMedical sells a onesie in two different colors its stretchy and will keep the diaper in place as its snug all over. Plastic pants would help too in this situation. Baby-pantsdotcom sells them for a good price. They also sell onesies but I haven't tried them. Another solution would be cloth diapers because they wick (spread liquid to other areas of the diaper) better than disposables. Depending on how much you actually wet at night you can also use booster pads.

    Going back to the Belssimos, they are a thicker diaper than the rest of the Bambino diapers and will cause you to waddle a bit. I drive 18 wheelers for a living and I can wear them all day without a problem. Once I got over the "will someone notice and humiliate me if they see?" Questions in my mind, its really not very likely to happen. Onesies will keep the diaper from revealing at the waist.

    Fuubuu cloth diapers that are found on Ebay are great. Don't go for the all in one cloth diaper. Plastic and laundry is a bad combination. Find the ones without a plastic liner. Its better to add plastic pants over it. The Fuubuu cloth diapers have a inner liner that works like the liners in disposables to help you feel drier. They fasten via Velcro (hook and loop) and if extra protection is necessary, cloth boosters will help and you can stuff as much as you need to stay dry at night as long as the plastic pants fit around it. Dependeco is another ebayer company and seen positive reviews. Cloth will save money over time and mixing them with disposables through the day can be more convenient for you.

    Good luck and I hope you can find a solution.

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    Hmm, I am looking at the Bellissimo's for night since they are thicker and probably the bianco's for day but I might go with the Abena Supers.

    I have ordered a trial back of the Bellissimo's and the Bianco's to test. I still have enough Dry's to be fine for a about three weeks and they should be here before next week is out so I should have a decision by then. Thank you again for all the help. Usually I can figure things out by myself but sometimes I like to get a second opinion.

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    No problem, hope you enjoy the comparison usage. Its fun to compare diapers.

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    I'm a 44-46 and I wear large. Large should fit you fine for abena/bambinos.

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