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Thread: What Have I Got Myself Into !

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    Well it was mad today at home. My 2 brothers girlfriends came and then my mums boyfriend daughter and then my mums boyfriend sons girlfriend seen the room which my mum was helping me decorated it into a nursery and I did not know what to say........

    But lucky I found out that my mums boyfriend daughter is having a baby so at the moment came up saying we decorating it for that.

    What made it bad I was on my own with my bothers girlfriends and they was questering me and one of them has got a 2 year old and was saying that the paper would of been better for him.

    I was so much blushing and did not know what to do.

    Anyway lastest news that will be adding photos to my ab site when finshed

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    The paper? I... what is the point of thi-.....

    Humphrey Sez: My brain feels funny when I read that! I's confuzzled!!

    Rawr, well.... closed, since this will just cause an argument and taunting.

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