It is with sadness that I announce the departure of Trevor, Onecho, LilMonkeyAlex and GoldDragonAurkarm from the staff team.

They left for various reasons during December, some related to our recently going 18+, some unrelated.

Trevor was with us on the staff team for over four years, spending much of that time moderating the rep system, new accounts, and generally being a much appreciated voice for calm and reason.

LilMonkeyAlex was with us on the staff team for a about 5 months, helping out many newbies during his time here. His warm and friendly attitude has been a great help to many visiting us for the first time.

Onecho and GoldDragonAurkarm were on the team for about six months each, helping develop our articles. Onecho helped with many product review articles, while GDA focused more on more general guides for topics like ABDLism. Both made valuable contributions and it will be hard to stand in their shoes.

If you'd like to thank these hard working individuals for their efforts, please post here.

We are not looking to add more staff at this time, but if we change our minds, we will likely announce it in Admin Stuff.