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Thread: Who else like to learn....

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    Ive just opened a new skype account, so I would like to met people who speaks different languages.

    Im a native spanish speaker.

    I also speak English, Brazilian Portuguese and some of Japanese(Studied this
    last one for 2 years at Uni). I want to practice this ones so, if there is anybody who wanna practice with me, just let me know, will ya?
    Just note me!

    I would be glad to teach spanish as well XD

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    Another multinguist here... Look for groups, there's a mulitnguist club.

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    i've wanted to learn Japanese for some time,it'll be a long and hard road but it'll be worth it

    but i did take as an elective clas sin highschool, spanish. but i didnt exactly pass with flying colors.

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    I do! I like to speak and learn minority languages and languages spoken by small populations. It's always fun to be able to say you have some ability in less-common languages. My problem is that I can never stick to any languages long enough to make any decent progress in it.

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