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    I was reading through an old thread: and it got me wondering...

    While perhaps economical, I am not sure that diving into dumpsters for things people have disposed of is a good idea. That is because people generally dispose of DISPOSABLE diapers.

    Nowadays I think they are actually bio-degradable, meaning that presumably bacteria break them down into base components and then there would be holes and stuff.

    The only kind of diaper that presumably should be re-used are the kind which are designed to be re-usable, the kind that do not bio-degrade and which can be washed. I think these are the old-fashioned kind of cloth diapers.

    I think that people would generally not be throwing these into dumpsters though, since they are more valuable and probably being reused.

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    Besides the original poster's ineptness in that thread to make a coherent statement (or why in God's green earth someone will rummage through trash for moldy, disgusting, used diapers)

    I think it's safe to say I speak for everyone here, no one here thinks it's a sound good idea to reuse them.

    And yes you are correct on cloth (which many like to wear here) but they are cleaned and sanitized before wearing again. Any that are thrown out, are past their usage.

    Just because one can't get diapers, doesn't mean one should go looking for them in the trash. No matter how desperate one is. No matter how much one wants diapers. Never ever.

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    As stated here, doing so is dangerous and falls under the definition of self-harm.

    Thread closed.

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