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Thread: What's so normal about vanilla?

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    Question What's so normal about vanilla?

    I've noticed on several forums that people tend to refer to "normal" (non-fetish) sex as "vanilla"...

    But... vanilla is the second-most-expensive spice in the whole world!!! And it's exotically aromatic flavour is wonderful! How did people come to have such a low opinion of it?! Is that cheap, nasty "vanilla flavouring" to blame?

    For the sake of a silly poll... who's with me? Is vanilla extravagantly scrumptious or dull and basic...? VOTE NOW!

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    When most people think of vanilla in that context they think of crappy Wal-Mart-tier ice cream that tastes really boring after a few bites.

    But I think of the vanilla bean cheesecake they sell at Cheesecake Factory

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    Well...we have 3/3 for far!

    Funny, you should bring this I was lightly musing the same thing!

    I'm surprised they don't call the cheap/nasty sounds the same, but it's 'worlds' apart from the reel-deel ;-)

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    A bet you did not know that vanilla is one of the most sold ice creams (like 1-3, I can't remember if it was 1 or not) along with vanilla Pralines 'n Cream ( speaking out on baskin sales) Those two flavors are even on the "America's top selling ice cream list"

    Ice Cream Flavors - America's Best-Selling Ice Creams - Country Living

    vanilla is white/light yellow (ice cream, color if white or light yellow depends on the brand) and commonly liked. could be the reason for attaching vanilla to mean "Normal"

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    For me it isn't that I don't like vanilla because I do, but I voted the ordinary vote because to me while vanilla may be "expensive" it is also used in everything about in the baking world. So it is spendy but it is also ordinary and to me the term "vanilla" sex is used to just symbolize not boring but ordinary sex. Non fetishy type sex, to me non vanilla sex should be called something like Saffron or Sumac, the more "exoctic" spices.

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    Sure, I get why they call regular, ordinary, common, ....well you know Vanilla, but that is one of my favorite flavors, hehehe.... I guess I'm kinda like vanilla swirl something even yummier swirled through....
    Oh sorry, yes agree Vanilla is a pretty awesome spice.....cops a bum wrap, pardon the pun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post
    Is that cheap, nasty "vanilla flavouring" to blame?
    i'd say, "yep!", but we're most likely really talking about a total lack of flavouring (since most of the cheapo merchants dont even bother adding anything like flavouring). and it is most noticeable with iced cream (or rather, cornflour, sugar and water, if it's 'popular' stuff).
    perhaps Blandopolis/Blandopolites would be a better description of our lesser flavoured peers?

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    I like vanilla (yes even the cheap flavoring), but I still use it as most have an understanding that vanilla means "plain/ordinary," without it sounded like (to me), "While lets talk about the non-freak side."

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