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Thread: safe and secure

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    Default safe and secure

    anyone else feel safe in secure for a diaper i know i do when i wear mine

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    Me too! I've found I don't need regular sleep meds while wearing.

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    Heh, some one tell the doctors dealing with insomnia

    Your prescription : 1 case of adult diapers
    Use when ever you cant sleep

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    Quote Originally Posted by zackiepooh1992 View Post
    anyone else feel safe in secure for a diaper i know i do when i wear mine
    I know I do 24 hours a day in mine.

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    yup, most definitely, specially with the embarrassment of NOT wearing one

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    For sure. Feeling safe and secure while wearing a diaper is probably the only reason I leave the house.

    I used to feel CRIPPLING anxiety over people finding out I needed to wear diapers, but not so much anymore. I feel much safer wearing them, because while most people don't notice the diapers, a wet spot on your jeans or worse, someone's couch, is something people DO notice.

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    Add me to the list diapers actually help me sleep better especially when wet.

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    I always sleep better with one. I think I even get longer/better R.E.M. sleep too. Diapers are just a big overall comfort, like a security blanket.

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    I know that I sleep better in thick diapers. Additionally, if I do wake up and need to go, I can just go in the diapers (I mean that's what they are for) and not get up. In that situation, I will fall back to sleep much quicker than if I got up, walked to the bathroom, did my thing, and then toddled back to bed.

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