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Thread: Hello everybody!!

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    Default Hello everybody!!

    Hey I'm foxcloud89 I'm a DL and I'm very excited about joing ADISC!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxcloud89 View Post
    Hey I'm foxcloud89 I'm a DL and I'm very excited about joing ADISC!
    Hey there FoxCloud89

    Welcome to ADISC, glad to have you on board! I'm also glad to see that you are excited!

    So, besides being a DL what are some of your interests? I love to program myself (typically in C#, but I know many languages!).

    Hope that you have been enjoying your time on here, and I hope to see you around

    - Lobie

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    Hello Foxcloud89! Welcome to ADISC. We're happy you found us. I hope your stay here will be wonderful. I am sure the more you come around the more chances you will have to meet other people on here. Also, by the replies to your introduction, you can see there are a lot of friendly folks around here. Lobie is one of our Newbie Helpers. If you have a question or a concern he can help get you pointed in the right direction. Speaking of newbies meeting other people and directions, here is a good 'cheat sheet' on some ideas you might like to share with us, so that we can get to know you better → (Intro cheat sheet)

    Most everyone on here is involved in diapers to one degree or another, but outside the interest in diapers what do you like? These are good things others can know to help in finding other common interests.

    Again, Welcome to ADISC!

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