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Thread: Plans for New Years?

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    Default Plans for New Years?

    Anyone doing anything exciting? Anyone gonna pad up for the experience and go out?

    I'm currently at a crossroads between being responsible and enjoying myself in a new city I haven't seen on New Years. Either way I'll be diapered, but I know it'll be more fun with a ton of other wasted people . If I stay in, I might give cloth another go. The feeling wasn't the same, but I think the plastic pants I ordered aren't the most comfortable.

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    Hope you have a ton of fun! I'll be hanging with friends and family, but nothing AB/DL. I'm going to try and have a good old fashion cocktail party. The best cocktail will win a prize!

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    Aw, thanks . I'm sure I will- however, work will not be fun because I'm starting very early in the morning!

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    I have a plane to catch at 5 am the next day so probably nothing.

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    I won't be going out anywhere because the buses stop running at 8pm and taxis double their fares on New Years Eve.

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    Hmm...sadly still stuck at home with parents. I wrecked my car a few weeks ago, and can't afford another one yet. So...probably family night. :/

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    Will be diapered up and in my footie sleeper with my bottle in bed. Will probably be asleep when the new year comes in.

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    thinking i might diaper up and go to the bar.

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    thinking i might diaper up and go to the bar.

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    I'll be home, a nice swordfish dinner, a box of red wine and as always Heavy Metal & Heavy Metal 2000 on DVD.

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    Getting Shwasty Pants. Just turned 21 its gonna be nutzzz.

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