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Thread: Diaperspace-Too many users?

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    Default Diaperspace-Too many users?

    So I tried to sign up to Diaperspace just to see what it was like but I got this error
    Cannot connect to the database: User diapersp_diapers already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections

    is it possible for a website to have "too many" users, this just seems fishy to me, and another question is that a good site to join. I personally think ADISC is the best but wanted to try others as well although I do have a DailyDiapers.

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    This is an internal error. Specifically, the number of connections the software running the site is allowed to have to the database has been exceeded. A lot of cheaper hosts put limits like this in place, and when a site gets busy you see those kind of errors.

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    Isn't Diaperspace usually down for some reason or another? People always seem to complain about how they can never seem to access the site.

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    Sorry I didn't mean to complain, I didn't know.

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    I believe this site has been maxed on a few occasions.

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    I just posted a thread like this because I want to delete my profile but I can't because it is constantly down and I am complaining haha

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    It has been like that for awhile now, mostly after the move. None the less you aren't really missing much, the site went pretty downhill a couple years ago and become a bit of a creeper pit. Fetlife seems to be the current spot most of the ABDL community has moved too and is pretty decent. Content is centered around groups, and it isn't great for easily searching out people but also considered part of the reason it is better. It an adisc have the best ABDL communities in my opinion.

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