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    Default good evening

    so i was bored and figured id check this place out.

    i'm Jeremy. im somewhat of a reg at tbn, but im quickly losing interest in those forums and the people in them. but thats a pointless, boring, and irrelevant story.

    there isnt an awful lot to know about me that can be adequately explained in a block of text. im a 20 year old teen baby from alberta. i like martial arts, playing the drums, and expanding my consciousness one hit at a time. some people say im a very zen person, and i suppose thats true to some degree.

    and i also suppose i have nothing more to say, other than im glad to be here.

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    Ah! Expand your consciousness with more than just one hit at the time, expand it with The Adventures of Jack Flanders! But that's enough of me trying to get people to know of one of my favorite radio shows.

    Enjoy your time here, and don't forget to post!

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    Why ebn? am I ignorant as to the meaning?

    Every boring night?

    enter bar now?

    elastic barrage naxxramas?

    fish lake?

    (k seriously if anyone gets that joke go die)
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    im afraid those are all incorrect. the name means absolutely nothing. i just took my name on tbn and rearranged the letters and numbers because i wasnt feeling very creative at the time.

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    Hey there, and welcome to the forum ^_^. i know it doesnt look like much, and honestly i only joined last night but everyone here, on the forum and the chat room have all made me feel so welcome and loved ^_^. im quite sure youll like it here better than the last place

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    Btw forgive the positiveness of my post. I was drunk.

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