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Thread: Dear Apollo,

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    Default Dear Apollo,

    This is the thread for all fans/followers of Coheed and Cambria. For those of you that don't know, they're pretty much the best Progressive Rock band to ever bless the face of music. But that's just my humble opinion.

    The purpose of this thread is to see how many people know who they are and like them. 'Cause Unfused kind of has a group going, and we want to drool over how amazing they are with as many people as possible.

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    If you aren't a fan then you must become one NOW!

    I believe Akira forgot to mention that their bassist is a god, the singer's voice is so unique and amazing, the drumming is incredible (drummer can kick faster with a single pedal than most drummers can on a double pedal) and the guitar riffs are so intense
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    I'll join but I only listened to Blood Red Summer and that's it. <_>

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    I'll join but I only listened to Blood Red Summer and that's it. <_>

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    Quote Originally Posted by fire2box View Post
    i'll join but i only listened to blood red summer and that's it. <_>

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    ive heard the ones that are in rock band plus a few others.

    welcome home is pretty good, other than that im generally unimpressed with this band

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