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Thread: Hey everyone!

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    Default Hey everyone!

    I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I am not a Diaper wearer but am interested in chatting with females that do and possibly meeting someday. Any questions just send me a message.

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    So what are you trying to do? trying to find a baby girl?

    Well this is more of a support site more than anything so be careful over that. I guess we can take you just mean meeting someone someday and not meant though the site XD

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    Oh wow, worlds shortest introduction? I'm hoping he's not a creeper.

    Hey new kid, tell us something about yourself!

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    ADISC is not a place for you to meet girls that wear diapers. There are plenty of other places on the Internet where you can do that. I suggest that you read The Rules and these Articles. They will tell you all you need to know about ADISC and help you to decide if this is the right place for you.

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