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Thread: Modern Child-Clothing

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    Cool Modern Child-Clothing

    Hi, a few of you will realise that i am someone, who really hates those vintage clothing, which is all over the marked.
    So I'm allways searching for new idears.

    To come to my point i found something, which is even a little bit odd for some parents of toodlers, so that they say it looks ... crazy.

    But in my opinioni think it really looks cute and unbeleavable huggable ^^

    This thing I'm talking about ist legwarmers/tights and shorts, just linke this pic shows:

    Then I realsied ... I heve shorts and you can buy some tights in a colourish print in germany, which are out of the same material.

    But i also searched for legwarmers, so I found

    And i thought the look of baby-legwarmers on the arm look soo cute

    I hate to show to much of my body clothles, so its a think i would like to wear.

    In addition to that I will be on a 2Day Trip with People who are AB/DL where I'm thinking about to wear those stuff.

    What do you think about this

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    I think they're cute. I've wanted to find cute tights in adult sizes for a while, but haven't had much luck. Adult-sized tights are so boring! The leg-warmers look like the kind of thing I'd like to wear. Good find!

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    year i know, there are to little clothes which are really colorish and cute.
    But i found a shop where you can buch thights and ling socks (dont know how they are called in english)

    Some examples:

    BTW its from germany
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    hmm you must look on ebay, i've found some really cool tights which i bought
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