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Thread: Looking for thick diapers

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    Default Looking for thick diapers

    So I am still new to ordering online diapers. Ordered Bellissimos a while back and the thickness and softness was insane. My question is. Are there any other diapers that are similar. Mainly by being incredibly thick and crinkly?

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    Dry 24/7's seem to be the thickest available. They swell up quite nicely when wet and are very crinkly. I am not a big fan of their tapes, but a bit of packaging or duct tape can fix that right up. I think the only thing thicker and crinklier would be cloth diapers and plastic pants.

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    I'm pretty sure there's a thread about this on this very page, but oh well. I'd recommend the bellisimos if you're in the USA...they are supposed to rival the thickness and absorbency of the Fabine, although I can't speak from experience. Bambino's tapes are their only downfall, so if you can deal with that, go for it.

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    I like Abena M4 or L4 although I have heard that the Dry 24/7's are better. Hard to beat either of these diapers.

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    Never had a problem with the tapes on the Bellissimos or any of the other types Bambinos

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    I think that Biambinos or Abena should be fine for u

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    I think Bambino's tapes are great and much improved. They did have a problem with their tapes a year or two ago, but that problem has since been rectified.

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    Thankfully you have loads to choose from. Almost every diaper recommended in this thread is a good choice for something thick, and it really breaks down to cost, depending on shipping and quantity (As some diapers can only be bought in packs of 16, or in two packs of 10, and so on).

    That said, I recommend Molicare Super Plus, my personal favorite. Mondo thick (Especially with stuffers, boosters, or doubling/tripling up), absorbent, fantastic tapes, and purple!

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