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    Hi! I recently bought two contour cloth diapers online (Amazon). They just came in the mail, but I have a slight problem. I went to take them out and I noticed that they are BIG! The waist fits me perfectly, but the length appears to be too big. It goes up to half of my tummy and is very loose fitting. If anyone can Help I would really appreciate it. If I missed any details please let me know! Thanks in advance

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    they usually shrink a fair bit over a couple of washings. Have you tried that yet?


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    Quote Originally Posted by NukJams View Post
    Hmm... Not yet but I shall!
    Yeah. In general, prefolds and (similar) contours can be expected to shrink 10-15% over the first 3-5 washes, and should be washed/dried at least 3 times before you use them, or at least before you judge them. Not only will the washing shrink them quite a bit, it will also rid the cotton fibers of their natural oils, making them absorbent.

    It sounds like they're probably more than ~15% too long, though, and that's ok. It's very common practice with prefolds to fold the front or back in a few inches to get the length just right, and you'll probably want to do that too.

    Good luck!

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    If you go to a proper cloth diaper website you will find that there is more than just a waist measurement in getting the proper fit, check out

    I would try washing and drying them a couple of times to see if it helps, but be prepared for them to remain too big.

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