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    Well hello ADISC it's been a while since I've posted anything or even been on here so I figured I'd share whats happened since then. I've told another girl about my ABDL'ness and I finally got a girlfriend as well. Life has sucked way less recently too. How are you all?

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    Congrats on the girlfriend. Did you tell her about your ABDL'ness or was that a different girl?
    I'm fine. I've been with my current girlfriend for about 4 years now and everything is going well.
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    Default Been a while

    Everything is wonderful except one thing?

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    I told a different girl before I met my girlfriend. I plan on telling her today actually, I trust her. So what's your one thing that isnt so wonderful Wazzle?

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    Haha, sorry for being cryptic . It's just some random bedroom stuff, probably shouldn't go into details here but it's no biggy.

    Anyway, I remember when I finally told my girlfriend. It's a good feeling to be honest and it really made us closer. Good luck.

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    Yeah I told her and felt the same way

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