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Thread: Tough Choice

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    Default Tough Choice

    Ever have to make the choice of either wearing a diaper or panties and your in the mood for both? Maybe its just me but I hate it lol

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    put panties over the diaper? I actually did that when I was younger. What happened was I was trying on baby diapers and it would not really fit so I used panties to hold them up. I only did this to see how it would feel.

    I guess you can also put a diaper on with a girly diaper cover.

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    They should just make girly adult diapers lol I've put panties over a diaper before but it wasn't that great. Maybe I'll just put pads in the panties? I've thought about doing that but haven't tried it.

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    pads would not give you the same feeling as a diaper and yes they do need more girly diapers XD

    This is what i mean for a nice diaper cover. It is see though pink so you can still see the prints of the diaper and have it look more girly at the same time.

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    I really don't care for diaper covers. I like my diapers nice and natural lol

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    But they stop leaking too? How can you not like that diaper cover? ill make your diaper pink looking XD

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    Well I'm not that big into wetting to be honset. I wet on rare occasions and I usually don't flood my diaper so I've never had a need for one. I'll have to try one someday just to be usre though. ARGH why can't they just make pink diapers! lol

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    I doono and even that new abu sissy diaper is white >< I was trying to figure out how to contact them to see if they would consider tinting it pink.

    besides that cover has bows and fills so I thought it would be nice to have when you are conflicted like you are.

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    Yeah I was kind of disapointed in that too. Hmm I'm still not sold on the whole diaper cover thing but you have a good point. After talking about this I think I'm starting to have one of those conflictions right now lol

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    Sorry I love bows like how I want that one dress with the bow in the back XD

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