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Thread: What Kind of Android games do you play?

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    Default What Kind of Android games do you play?

    i guess for me this is going to serve as a means to look at what'll be good and what i play :3

    i just got a new tablet for xmas but i had an older el-cheapo near useless one for so long,

    yes i have the obligitory, Angry Birds (just Seasons) ScummVM for my older games, Fruit Ninja, and MinecraftPE

    (the tablet's a knockoff, A13 based Multicore @1.2GHz)

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    I use my kindle mostly for books, Then when I go with my family I play about 3 or 4 different games. Other then that I use a Text program to add notes for online games like Lotro.

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    I definitely play the various Angry Birds releases (I'm currently almost finished Star Wars on my tablet). My other requisite games are Dope Wars, Euchre by Jeffreys Software, Word Hero (tablet only I think), Draw Something, and whatever that really popular SNES emulator is. I also have the rather expensive Final Fantasy game that looks spectacular, but haven't really spent any time in it yet.

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    I been playing bad piggies, probe the humans, and hill clime racing.

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