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    I came across these the other day and thought I'd give them a try. I actually love them! They are discreet and hold a bit and cloth covered. There's 2 Velcro tabs per side and you can add a booster without much detection! Just makes you look "big". Anyone else try them?

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    I have tried them and am not the biggest fan, I have leaking issues with them

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    If you can't mail order the better brands or want a cheep diaper for a few hours use they are great. Walmart's Assurance and Walgreen's Certainty as many others are the same diaper. My only real complaint is the tabs pull off the back sheet allowing the diaper to fall off. A staple through each tab where it is stuck to the back sheet and they will stay put until leaking everywhere.

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    @Okie Are you making sure the diaper is snug? Because if its not it will sag and leak, also they dont hold a lot if the fit isnt the issue maybe use a baby diaper or some kind of stuffer for more absorbency in it, also plastic pants work wonders if youre wearing them till they leak

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    @namrepaid thats a good tip, I never thought of stapling the tabs so they dont come off

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    I usually double up whenever I wear these and I find they are comparable to the 'premium' online diapers when doubled up. They hold almost the same amount and they almost never leak for me unless I really flood 'em.

    All you need to do is cut the cloth lining on the first diaper (I usually just cut all the way down the wetness indicator line. Then put it on nice and snug, then put a second (non-cut) one over that.

    Tripling usually does not work very well, the pressure will just squeeze wetness out of the first and second and cause leaks.

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    I can only get a hold of store-bought diapers and the CVS ones have served me well. Sure you have to be careful because they love to leak but for what it's worth they do the job well. I also love the feel of cloth-backed diapers so that doesn't hurt things.

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    I love these. The only thing I would change is the cloth for a plastic backing. the price is awesome. But I like the more expensive diapers for their extra absorption and thickness, as well as plastic backing.

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