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Thread: Not entirely sure what to call myself, but here goes.

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    Default Not entirely sure what to call myself, but here goes.

    I've been lurking around AB communities and looked at related content on and off for the past four years. While I'm not personally interested in wearing diapers or being an infant, looking at that had made me realize that I long to be a child again.

    After periods of denial, I finally gave in and acted out on my inner-child and found it to be a great stress reliever. Slept with an old blanket with animals printed on it, colored on the walls, watched Nick Jr. and played video games from my childhood. It was one of the happiest days I've had in a long while and the desire to indulge in "childish" things has grown greater since.

    Yet I attempted to repress that desire and focused on being more "mature".
    Later on it scared me to realize how cynical and negative I had became about my perception of the world in denying things I considered "childish". I could imagine my younger self being disappointed in me.

    So currently I'm trying to be more accepting and giving myself a chance to get back in touch. Although I am mostly solitary by nature, I thought that it might be beneficial to join one of the communities I've been lurking around a few times and hopefully I may be able to contribute.

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    Default Not entirely sure what to call myself, but here goes.

    You sound a lot like myself when I was coming into the community. I find that there is a good thing in balance between this and the vanilla world. If I've gone too long without watching cartoons or wearing childish clothing I get a little edgy. So again welcome and enjoy the ride.

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