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    Well this sucks, my son gets sick the day after his birthday and then he feels better the next day and now it comes back. He puked all over the sleeping bag. I had to strip the bed and put towels down. I had to strip him naked too because he got puke all over himself. Even I got sick on Christmas Eve and felt better the next day. My dad got sick on Christmas day and puked too and we were going to bring my grandmother over but because I was sick, he had to call them to tell them we wouldn't be coming to get her. My husband had a flu shot and he still got the flu because I heard him puking in the bathroom. My mother had one too and I hope she doesn't still get sick. So I am up with my son while he lies on my bed all calm because he doesn't feel too good. I'm too afraid to even go to sleep fearing he may get vomit all over and I wouldn't be up to clean him up. But at least I got a couple hour sleep before my son woke up again and then threw up which was after midnight.

    Anyone else sick this time of year? Did you have the flu shot and still got sick?

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    The only time I might of got flu shots was in grade school because they required it. So after H.S. and up I stopped getting them. I had some special vitamin therapy for ADD when I was late grade school to high school. They test your blood and give you special made things on everything you lack to be "normal"

    Ever since then my immune system has been strong. I can be around sick people and not get sick. But lately I do not go out much so that is another reason I do not get sick (Unless it is bad reactions to medications >.> I rather feel pain ga!) So no I had not have any type of sickness this year past getting headaches.

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    i've had some kind of cold/flu since the sun got really low in the sky. it seems to clear up a bit, then i go out shopping and it's back (or it's a new one).
    i usually (okay, if i remember) suck on an antiseptic sweet if go somewhere with lots of scruffy peeps, just to try to stop viruses getting a toe-hold. seems to work, if not as a preventative, as a lessener of symptoms.
    and my 400mg ibuprofen is currently my 'upper' in the morning. once i get going, i'm sort of okay.
    oh, and antiseptic wipes are brilliant for the nose and snottied faces and fingers (the lemony ones with limonene - check the labels as some ingredients may be too harsh).

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    I haven't had the the flu in so long I don't remember what it's like. I haven't had a flu shot in 3 years although I can get them free with my medicare. I do have a cough thogh
    every now and then. Maybe my 81mg asprin I take everyday helps.

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    I have the flu currently, it sucks! Had fever and vomiting, etc. Look at the bright side, diarrhea is not as worrisome when you have diapers (well, maybe not the cleanup!)

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    I feel for you & your son, It's a tough time to be sick with the holidays and all. I came down with an ugly cold as did most of my co-workers after the Christmas party last week. We are guessing a cook or server at the restaurant decided to come in sick and gifted about a hundred of us with it.

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