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Thread: looking for a good well padded cloth diaper

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    Default looking for a good well padded cloth diaper

    came around NiceDiaper's website, and they're reasonable cheap!:3 but looking thru i dont know whats best? i'm not exactly thin, (50inch waist, ) so i need xxl (or embarassingly xxxl.) but it'll be the second experince with cloth ones, first was 2 years ago with the ABU AIO cloth velcro's

    i was looking at this one: FuuBuu 2042-06-Adult Baby Sissy Washable Diapers Washable Adult Diapers 2042-2043-2044 and this, FuuBuu 2043-Incontinence Washable Adult Baby SNAP Diapers Washable Adult Diapers 2042-2043-2044

    i dont have much for money, if anyone knows another site but cheap or can recommend a nice thick cloth diaper i'd like to know *blush*

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    If cheap is what you want: make your own.

    You can hand-stich if you don't have access to a sewing machine...

    As a pattern take a good fitting disposable.
    for the material, you can use anything like old terry towels or molleton bed sheets, etc... if you want a waterproof cover get a PVC Soft shower curtain... etc.
    think outside of the box

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    I don't know what your budget is, but I've had good luck ordering from Baby Pants. Her prices aren't too out of line as far as I can tell.

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    I like baby kins stuff

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    Babykins goggle them well made

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    Default Re: looking for a good well padded cloth diaper

    If you want something that would last longer, you should stay away from AIOs. You should have at least the diaper and plastic separate. Plastic pants wear out faster than cloth diapers. When you have an AIO, plastic will wear away.

    I have a FUUBUU Winnie the Pooh diaper. They are pretty thick on their own. They fasten with velcro and are pretty soft as well. You can add more bulk easily with a bath towel. The crotch is really wide. They have no plastic lining, the diaper requires plastic pants. I recommend plastic pants from baby-pants. The Gerber White ones specifically, because they are under $15 per pair and are very crinkly, durable, and fun.

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