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Thread: Hi i'm Cael ^^;;

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    Default Hi i'm Cael ^^;;

    lil babyfur here ^^;; came across the site looking for recomendations on cloth washables as i got some Money from afew this year for xmas.

    Nice to meet you all ^,=,^

    (This is the lil cael you'll get to know :3

    but a lil about me? i'm a furry if its not obvious :3 i'm at that a babyfur ^^
    i love playing games (and yes addicted to minecraft) and i do love to read especially i have 2 Amazon Kindles

    you'll catch me frome time to time on Second Life. but always on skype. (i dont usally start convo's on skype. (im bit of a wall flower online and offline)

    while i do love to wear padding when i can i treasure when i can (moneys a tad tight with me + i live with family )

    i try to be the everyones friend as i hate to see someone down in the dumps and try to be there for someone^^

    though over skype my talk times are erratic as i "zone out" when i play a game or read ^^;;

    theres far more to know about me but this would be pages on pages ^^;; if theres more people want to know Just ask :3

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    Hey Cael, welcome to ADISC! Very cute avatar you have there

    I also enjoy playing Minecraft when I get the time, and love to read (I used to work in a library); what authors / genres do you like reading?

    You might like to know ADISC has it's own Minecraft server. You won't actually be able to use it at the moment while you're still a 'Contributor' but once you level up to 'Established Contributor' you'll be able to join the server if you're interested (see here for a guide to the levelling system).

    All the best,

    - Puppyluvs

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    Thanks ^^ a week allready cant seem soon enough ( i like finding new servers to play on too ^^)

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