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    Has anyone heard of this new trend or TV show on MTV called, "Catfish?". I live under a rock so I am just learning about this new (sick) IMO online game people "play." I understand and respect anonymity on sites like this but why do people think it is fun think it's fun to mess with someone by impersonating someone else? I mean, in the end no one really wins because the whole purpose of the "game" is to remain anonymous. Someone help shed some light on this please?

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    Catfish the show is based on a fake documentary (of the same name) of a guy going across country to meet a girl who's under age I think. Their penpals or play a game together. So when he and his friends finally met her, she's really some middle aged guy. The end.

    Pretty much its a fictional movie saying "People can lie on the internet!"

    Now the show seems to be about people meeting their online friends in real life. Which is a cool idea, but the show and its producers are more then likely trying to find out what people like about.

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