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Thread: Shortest Purge ever...?

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    Default Shortest Purge ever...?

    Purged on Wednesday (I had 35 - 40 pairs of panties). Bought 7 new pairs on Friday.

    I had so many I couldn't decide what to wear. I loved them all. I decided to start fresh and keep it to a few pairs.

    I did not however purge my diapers. (Although i only had 5 or 6 diapers on hand at the time. It will be a challenge to see if I can keep myself under control without ending up with anorher big collection of panties.

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    I got around 20 pair right now myself. The next time OHP has more Bali's on sale I'll probably buy some more. It all depends
    on what colors and prints they offer in their Skimp Skamps my favorite. I also have a good supply of panty hose. I do have
    some Vanity Fairs I'll probably retire as the waistbands are wearing out.

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    I do not really need to do that but Mom said I can give her the ones I do not like. I have some not wide enough down there so that is the only reason really I have for getting rid of some.

    I recently bought my own filly panties online that I love and fit well so wearing my other ones will not happen much. I would only get rid of something if I do not wear it.

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