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Thread: A mature night

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    Default A mature night

    Now that Christmas is over. What are your plans for New Years Eve parties? For me I don't
    party anymore so will stay home. I might drink a extra beer or two but will more than likely
    be asleep when the new year comes in. In my younger days I used to go all the time. The way
    they crack down on DUI now I don't know which is worse. Going to a club or private home
    party. I just hope everybody stay's safe.

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    Tis a fool's errand to go out partying on New Year's eve, I've seen many a friends's life screwed up for being 1/2 a beer over the limit. The cops are on overtime, the limit has been lowered and they need to bust as many as they can to boost state revenues. While I do not believe anyone should drive drunk with the new lower limits you have to wait 2 hours after having 1 beer. It has become a witch hunt. Stay home or take the bus. Oh there are no buses on holidays, helps the cops make their quota.

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    Without going too much into the logistics or anything, but having seen what I have seen over the years of running fire/ems the more they bust the less I have to scrape off the road and call trauma codes.

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    I'm not really into the whole partying scene personally. If anything I'll either end up staying home or hanging out with a friend.

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    Its fun to go to them when there are friends there but I only drink if I didn't drive there or if there's a place to crash. WAAYYY too much at risk do deviate from that basis.

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    I am not really into parties. I'll probably spend the night at home or with friends.

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    I'm not much a party-dude anyhow...

    but let me tell you one thing: DRINK & DRIVE - STUPID STUPID STUPID.

    I HATE people who drink & drive... sorry but they're not just playing with their own life.

    I love cars, I love motorcycles, I love sporty driving / riding... but only 100% sober.

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    Most likely nothing. I will be sleeping or watching the firework things on T.V.

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    i'll be doing nowt (except being annoyed by all the fireworks, like i was on xmas day - wtf was that all about?).
    i've done enough partying and swinging from the rafters (literally), waking up in the frozen gutter and covered in puke. one of the last new year parties i went to, at a horsey place just o'er road (walk there, stagger back), i got food-poisoning from the salmon and that was worse than any after-effects from drinking.

    anyway, i'm banned from all the drinking places round our way.

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    Probably just getting the train into town to go to a few pubs. Then heading to a mate's house sometime after midnight when public transport is free! :-)

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