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Thread: Rugrats Baby

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    Talking Rugrats Baby

    so i just saw a episode of rugrats, when i saw this one.
    RUGRATS S03E13 - Destination: Moon/Angelica's Birthday - Watch Movies Online For Free on TubePlus
    it is a episode about angelica pretends to be a baby, which i think is very cute, i reccomend you watch it
    the baby part start on about 16:00.

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    LOL! I remember seeing that on T.V. I do remember that I did not quite pick up on "Or make us wear those frilly panties... um, I do no want to talk about it"

    Most likely I did not even know what that was back then.

    I think they have a point though XD LG is the best way to go^^ *swings at the pinata to get candy*

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    Where have you been for years ??? this is very old program of rugrats where its her birthday and she wants to be a baby again.... there is also another one where tommys daddy stue turns into a baby also...

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    well, ive seen this alot when i was a kid but i just really like too watch this when im playgin as a baby just all those small thing in teh series that makes you more like a baby

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    Do you remember if you understood what chukie said when you where a kid? Because I know for sure I had no clue what frilly panties where back then.

    That shocked me re-watching it, I wonder what else I could of missed like that.

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    haha, yea thats why i like too just shuffle trough all the series ive seen while i was small

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    Thanks for sharing! I was literally FIGHTING with netflix (so many glitches it had that night) like three nights ago to find THIS EXACT episode. I have seasons covering maybe 7 years though the 90s and 2002 and I couldn't find it. I was SUPER upset.

    I also told someone I was a rugrat kid or rugrat baby...hahaha oh your awesome! IT'S A RUGRAT, IT'S A RUG RAT RAT!

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    rugrat means baby so in a way your saying baby baby XD

    It is some slag to mean a child/baby that crawls on the floor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyjunior1982 View Post
    there is also another one where tommys daddy stue turns into a baby also...
    That was the one i love the most. Because its kinda like i would act when i regress but i cant find that video anywear


    Wait i found it
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