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Thread: Best paci?

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    Default Best paci?

    Well, the title says it.

    What's the best paci you would recommend? I have been dying for a new one and I really don't know what to pick; the one I have currently is a tiny bit small for me.


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    What size is it? I keep hearing something about getting NUK 5

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    I think its the 12-18 months paci? Im not sure, I got it at a local store and figured it would be good for a starting paci

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    I would start with the Nuk5. You can get one from Fetware Products Superior Incontinence Protection | Buy from Fetware Products, Llc. for $14.95 plus shipping. You can also look at paci's
    of all variety's from December 2012 > Buy 1 Get 1 for FREE! > NUK. I have paci's from both places.

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    Those look awesome! But, due to my current circumstances, I can't order anything like that without being questioned. I still live with parents.

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    Wonder if anyone knows if you can find those at a store...
    ask her if you can order something but it is private?

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    Those are only available online. Both places ship USPS Priority Mail. They use only the priority mail envelope.
    I just got anotherone last week from pacifiersrus and it was packed inside a free Wellness Brief.

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    There is not many that is girly XD just the I love mommy, diva in training, and one that was pink with a heart on it from what I saw

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    Scararm is my boyfriend and both of our parents would question us and judge us severely if they ever found something baby like ordered through the mail. Both of us are still in high school, so it's not like we could order it and get home from school before it arrives unless we would have ordered it over Christmas break. Scararm is also lacking in saying that he's a very big guy, 6'5" to be exact, so a normal pacci doesn't work for him at all.

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    Before I was able to order my first one online I used to like mam because they stayed in my mouth better, but recently I went by a grocery store they had a nuk 18-36 months so if you can find one of those, they're good too

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