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    Default Comfort level....

    I haven't yet worn adult diapers, though I've been drawn to them for awhile now. How comfortable are they? Which is more comfortable, cloth or disposable? I can't wait to have my own place....

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    it really just kind of depends (no pun intended). Each person is diffrent so the best way to find out would be to just try a couple diffrent ones and see what you like.

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    Well I started on disposable when I was younger. It was something I have not really tried past those 2 or 3 times when I was little (late grade school age) I think disposable are the most poofy and that is what is attracting me to them. Plus there is that ABU sissy diaper thing that increased my interest. Just needs to be pink, a plastic see though pink diaper cover would fix that XD

    Like the other threads suggest all you can do is experiment and find out what you like the best.

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    I never tried cloth yet, as far as disposables it all depends on which ones you get.

    Depends will be pretty thin. Still padding but in comparison to diapers you get online like bambinos, dry 24/7s they might as well be slightly padded underwear. As for the feeling of it, there's no way to really describe it as there's nothing to compare it too. Wearing multiple underpants feels nothing like it.

    However with Bambinos with somewhat padded wings/sides and a rather big seat in the back. They hug as nicely as Boxer-Briefs do but with like 1/2th inch of super soft padding.

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    A lot of it also depends on need. If your IC what time period of the day do you need the most protection? If your a DL do you wear
    only an hour or two at a time. So you can try pullup's or taped diapers. Also do you like prints or the plain white adult diapers. There are
    so many too choose from out there. You just have to shop around try various ones till you find what you like.

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    I like Depends with the six tapes. To me, they are the most comfortable disposable diaper. They are thin, and that helps make them discreate. I do wear plastic or rubber pants over them to prevent leaks.

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    I find most better diapers to be quite comfortable.

    Wen I was a kid I was drawn to cloth diapers, that is what I wore as a baby. I still love cloth and find them very comfortable, but I actually prefer disposables. For me the thicker and better quality diapers that are very soft inside and pretty soft outside are the most comfortable.

    As has already been mentioned it is a matter of experimenting to see what you prefer and to get used to a variety of diapers. Everyone is different. Some people prefer thin diapers, some dislike thick diapers. The outer shell, cloth like or plastic makes a difference, and how they fit.

    You will need to try diapers of all sorts and this will include sizing. How the diaper fits will make a difference in comfort often.

    If I were you I would start out with diapers that are most like what you wore as a baby, or as a kid if you wore for bed wetting. Stick with the more premium diapers at first because they are much more comfortable. You will also want to consider how and when you will be wearing. So if you will be wearing at home only a thick diaper might be fine, but a thinner diaper has advantages when out and about. Also consider how you will use them. I you plan to only wear the diaper absorbency will not be an issue, but if you plan to wet absorbency is a big consideration.

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